Parents Teachers Program

Parents Teachers Interaction

The group keeps a provision of PTM(Parents Teacher Meeting) at intervals to discuss and identify psychological, academic related problems of individual students and find out solutions of them. Parents communication with teachers has also been facilitated through our parents portal in the school’s website

Parents' Orientation Programme

Our Parent’s Orientation Programme involves strategic planning to inspire and educate parents about the needs of children in their complex times. It is felt that parents play a vital role in the educational system and then need to fully co-operate with the school, honour its rules and procedures for the full flowering development of their wards. Sometimes parents, out of ignorance from low opinion against School and teachers and express the same in presence of their wards. This goes contrary to the process of discipline and causes growth of way-wardness in children. The three phase orientation programmes organiszed separately for primary, secondary and higher levels help the parents understand the reality of situation for making the teaching substantially effective.