Managing Director Speaks

The Chief architect of the Xavier’s Group(3rd Millenium Group), Dr. G. S .Pattnaik holds the office as the Manging Director. Being an acclaimed educationist of national repute, a caring benefactor and an able captain, he has been most successfully steering the Xavierian ship and exploring all possiblities to spread education countrywide. Education to him, is not confined to text books to make the student simply a crammer but it possesses a wider scope to bring out one’s innner talents to good exposure and develop the skill and courage to stand up for one self against all future eventualities.

Starting his career as an humble teacher, he has endeavoured to bring enlightement and awakening the society through  high quality activity blended education for students. No child according to his, is accidemically ignorable. Potentality for growth is hidden in one and is the teacher in the institution of learning, who can bring the hidden treasure to a full bloom. Never in life should a teacher experience failure, In transforming a dull one into an intellect incarnate. Due to his able guidance, the arena of education has witnessed the advaent of renaissance and Xavier’s Schools have aptly become the schools with difference.   




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