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The Group does not believe that induction of teachers with brilliant academic, achievements behind them together with long experience can alone elevate the academic standard of schools. Time to time training and orientation imparted to teachers can equip them with the developments and fresh invented methods which would ultimately be instilled among students to ( cater help) their intellectual growth. Renowned Academicians with vast experience conducted the Orientation programmes and train the Teachers.Retention of teachers play vital role in order to sustain the progress of the institution. Provision should, therefore, be made to accord wide recognition to the loyalty, sincerity and dutifulness of teachers with package of benefit in deserving cases. A congenial working environment with recreation needs to be provided in order to generate new spirit in teachers and development in them a sense of attachment.


Faculty Details

Sl. No. Teacher Name Qualification Designation
1 N. Santhosh Kumar M.Sc, B.Ed, Phd Principal
2 Reema Sharma M.A, B.Ed Headmistress
3 Panna Mishra M.A., B.Ed PGT
4 Alok Kumar Singh B.A, M.P.Ed PET
5 Abhay Kumar Sinha B.Sc, B.Ed. PGT
6 Gauri   Kumari M.Mus, B.Ed PGT
7 Mahadeb Hanra  M.Sc., B.Ed. PGT
8 Purushottam Kumar Singh M.A, B.Ed, Ph.D PGT
9 Sanjay Kumar  M.Sc, PGDHE PGT
10 Satya Narayan Singh M.A., B.Ed PGT
11 Sujan Puitandi  M.Sc. B.Ed  TGT
12 Vinita  M.A., B.Ed PGT
13 Ravi Kumar Sinha B.A., B.Ed TGT
14 Santosh Kumar  B.Tech PGT
15 Sunita Baliyase B.A., B.Ed TGT
16 Anshu Prabha  B.A., B.Ed TGT
17 Bijeta Mishra M.A., B.Ed PRT
18 Pragya Kumari B.A., B.Ed PRT
19 Archana Kumari     B.A, B.Ed PRT
21 Yadunandan Mishra B.A, B.Lib.Isc. LIBRARIAN, TGT
22 Jugnu Lal B.Sc, B.Ed. PRT
23 Hetu Agarwal B.Com, B.Ed TGT
24 Ranjeev Shringari B.A, B.P.Ed  PET
25 Bratati Banerjee M.A, B.Ed TGT
26 Rashmi Bhardwaj B.A, B.Ed TGT
27 Chandan Kumar Tiwary M.A., B.Ed TGT
28 Bimalendu Bera M.A, B.Ed PGT
29 Seema Kumari B.A, B.Ed Part time skill trainer
30 Manish Kumar B.Sc, B.Ed, MCA TGT
31 Haldhar Mandal M.A, BPP (DOEACC'O'), D.El.Ed PRT
32 Lata Pandit PGDM, D.El.Ed  PRT
33 Moni Kumari M.A, D.El.Ed  PRT
34 Rashmi Jha B.A, D.El.Ed  TGT
35 Swati B.A, D.El.Ed  PRT
36 Poonam Srivastava B.A, D.El.Ed  Part time craft trainer
37 Chandra Shekhar Pandey M.A., D.El. Ed  TGT
38 Sangita Sen B.Com, CA (inter), D.El.Ed  Part time Asst.
39 Sujata Mitra B.Com, D.El.Ed  TGT
40 Sanyukta Pandit B.A, D.El.Ed  PRT
41 Suman Mukherjee M.C.S.A TGT
42 Kavita Kumari B.Sc, B.Ed PRT
43 Laxmi Kumari B.A, B.Ed PRT
44 Ishika Rani M.A, B.Ed PRT
45 Alka Singh M.A, D.El.Ed  PRT
46 Sweta Kumari B.Tech PRT
47 Babita Kumari B.Sc, B.Ed PRT
48 Kanchan Gupta B.A, B.Ed PRT
49 Suman Shekhar B.Com, B.Ed PRT
50 Alka Kumari M.Com, B.Ed PRT
51 Mandavi Kumari B.A, D.El.Ed PRT
52 Mahua Chatterjee M.A (Music) Music Teacher
53 Nisha Kumari B.A, B.Ed PRT
54 Monika Mukherjee B.A, D.El.Ed  PRT
55 Sunita Kumari Shaw B.A, D.El.Ed PRT
56 Sunil Kumar Vishwakarma B.A (Dance), M.A (Dance) Dance Teacher
57 Nisha Keshri B.Sc, D.El.Ed  PRT
58 Preety Kumari B.Com, D.El.Ed PRT
59 Puja Devi BT PRT
60 Reena Kumari M.Com, B.Ed PRT
61 Kalpana Singh B.Com, B.Ed TGT
62 Ruby Kumari B.A, B.Ed TGT
63 Sugandha Sagar B.A, B.Ed TGT
64 Saroj Kumar Pathak M.A, B.Ed TGT
65 Danish Ahmad BCA TGT
66 Shashank Shekhar B.A, D.El.Ed  TGT
67 Niwedita Jha B.Tech TGT
68 Kamal Nayan B.Tech PGT
69 Krishna Prasad Yadav M.Sc, B.Ed  PGT
70 Kumar Rahul M.Com, B.Ed PGT
71 Somnath Raut M.Com, B.Ed PGT
72 Anish Kumar B.A, D.Ed. SE Special Educator
73 Surasweta Patra M.A, B.Ed TGT
74 Neha Kumari B.A, B.Ed PRT
75 Shiwani Burnwal M.Com, B.Ed PRT
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