Intellectual Health

Good education is the "Highway" to both individuals & national progress
This school's holistic educational approach is a fine balance of all that based in traditional and modern pedagogy. Our progressive learning enviorment incorporates cutting edge teaching and learning startegies that focus on overall development of the child's personality. 
The school is affiliated to the Central Board of Secondary Education ( CBSE New Delhi ) and runs under the St.Xavier's Group of Institution which is an educational body widely recognized for its progressive approach and commited to pursuit of excellence.

Primary & Middle School 

  • Stimulating and attrative Enviornment
  • Stress free learning 
  • Continuous & Comprehensive Evaluation (CCE)
  • Adopted child concept with individual monitoring
  • Trinity bond among child, teacher  & parents
  • Smart Classroom for live examples
  • Concepet building 
  • Develop the sense of self belongingness   

Secondary School

  • Secondary school gives the students a firm educational base
  • Spirit of enquiry and curiosity is fostered
  • Development of scientific attitude and temperament
  • Laboratory-a must in every subject ( Language, Maths, Sci, SScf, Comp )
  • Crystallization of goals through career oriented teaching.
  • Special emphasis made on teen age counseling.

Senior Secondary School

  • Senior Secondary School gives the students self confidence to crack the targets as per individual talents & interest.
  • Develops the strength in decision making
  • Build up the sense of execution of planning made
  • Gives platform to become a confident and successful individual to serve the society and the nation


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