Inter Xavier’S Meet

INXSPOM ( Inter Xaviers Sports Meet )

Games & Sports play a pivotal role in bringing up a child to imbibe with the sprit of physical & health education, enaware a sense of ethical values like discipline & punctuality, so as to command a respectable social dignity. To fulfil this ambition of every xavierian, the Group of Schools provide the platform of INXSPOM, Where every child from primary to intermediate level gets the opportunity to perform and prove. This is innovative act INXSPOM enable all students to come out with glowing colours not only in the nation but also in international level. Every alternate year, with different Venues, children are encouraged & inspired to prove themselves as a game star or sports star besides their Scholastic learning. They are awarded & provided with a congenial ambiance for enhancing their sporting sprit.

INXTACO ( Inter Xaviers Taalent Competition )

The Group of schools do offer a varied scope for all Xaverians to come out with their creative talents in Non-Scholastic & Co-Scholastic Domain. The students are inspired to earn their name and fame baggining prizes in varous field like Creative writings, Pantomine, Elocution, Debate, Essay Writings, Dance, Song and Painting Competitions. This event with different venues helps all schools students to develop and spread common Xaverian sprit far and wide in every alternate year.

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