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Inter-House Competition
28.04.2018   ...News & Updates

St. Xavier’s High School, Deoghar

Result of IHC         (28-04-2018)

Class I & II On the Spot Painting

Class                I A               1st        Jivitesh of Chenab House

                                                2nd        Mukund of Chenab House

                                                3rd          Riya of Ganga House

Class                I B                 1st        Shreyansh of Chenab House

                                                2nd        Rounak Raj of Yamuna House

                                                3rd        Diya Raj of Chenab House

Class                II A                   1st        Gaurav of Ganga House

                                                2nd        Ashi of Yamuna House

                                                3rd        Rajab of Chenab House

 Class                II B              1st        Amrita Raj of Chenab House

                                                2nd        Swasti Somya of Ganga House

3rd        Satyam of Yamuna House

 Class                  II C             1st        Puja of Yamuna House

2nd        Ankita of Yamuna House

3rd        Suresh of Chenab House

Overall Winners among I and II

1st        Chenab House             20pts

2nd        Yamuna House            15pts

3rd        Ganga House               10pts

4th        Narmada House                   5 pts           

 III to V                           Best Out of Waste

            1st        Class III                        Ganga House               10pts

            2nd        Class IV                        Chenab House             15pts   

             3rd        Class iv                                    Ganga House               10pts  

VI to VIII              Rangoli Making

            1st        Class VIII C                  Chenab House                        

            2nd       Class VIII C                  Yamuna House

                        Class VIII B                  Ganga House

            3rd       Class VI B                    Ganga House 

Overall winner among group of VI to VIII

            1st        Ganga House               20pts               Score - 216.5

            2nd        Chenab House             15pts               Score – 213

            3rd        Yamuna House            10pts               Score – 211.5

            4th        Narmada House          5pts                 Score – 210

IX & X Collage & Poster Making Theme – Folk Arts of India

            1st        Class IX C         Chenab House

            2nd        Class X C          Narmada House

            3rd        Class IX B Both Chenab House and Ganga House


            1st        Chenab House             20pts               Score – 174.5

            2nd        Narmada  House         15pts               Score – 169

            3rd        Ganga House               10pts               Score – 157.5

             4th        Yamuna House            5pts                 Score – 114.5                           

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