About The School

The Xaverian ideology believes in activity blended education which strives towards a holistic programme that helps maximize both individual and social good. The Xaverian system aims to provide a broader and bolder education of body, mind, heart and spirit.Such an education produces self-directed learners, quality producers, effective communicators, collaborative workers, good thinkers and community contributors. Such an integrated apporach ensures every child’s development with confidence. Education in the 21st century must be both broader and bolder. A School needs to do much more than ensuring good marks on a sheet. Helping children get good marks is the minimum responsibility of a school. Indeed a ‘good’ education must produce much more i.e, ‘a good human being’ capable of all that has been written above and much more. With this mission, the school embarks on the journey to enlighten young minds with deliberate and systematic education,inculcate into them the spirit of human as well as social values and spiritual development in a harmonius manner, so that they can confidently face life’s hardships and prove themselves as assets to humanity. Such contribution of the Xaverian schools to the nation makes them the schools with difference.