St. Xavier’s High School, Deoghar provides its students and teachers with tools and content for interactive, self-paced learning, as well as rich- media presentations for teacher-led classroom learning. We have technology right next to the blackboards for teachers in the classrooms. This technology driven audio-visual medium in the classrooms helps students to learn difficult and abstract curriculum concepts by watching highly engaging visuals and animations. This makes learning an enjoyable experience for students improving their overall academic performance in school.

The available content consists of pedagogically sound and visually rich curriculum resources mapped and customized as per the school’s scheme of work. This content can be streamed into the classroom and shown by teachers to make abstract concepts real.

Benefits of Smart classes
  • Teaching learning process has become more interesting, engaging and interactive.
  • Both students and teachers have become up-to-date with the latest change in the field of education.
  • Teachers can include their own learning material for use by their students.
  • Teachers are able to conduct classes in a more organized manner.
  • Students are able to understand abstract concepts more easily.
  • Instant assessment through Smart class program ensures that teacher is updated on student’s comprehension level in real time allowing them to take remedial action.
  • Student's performance has gone up.