Excursion & Educational Tours

A mere knowledge gained from books becomes monotonous if it is not based on orientation and observation. Keeping this in mind, the school arranges observational tours like picnic, excursion and study tours to various places of importance so that a pupil becomes aware of this significance of observational method of learning. Through this the child learns the values of sharing, cooperation; however it brings him/her psychological refreshment. Such trips are highly informative as well as educational, for children get an opportunity to know the facts and fictions of life. This annual outing also helps a child in the way of character building.

Educational Tours and Student Enrichment Programmes-
  • Hydel Power Plant
  • Bakery
  • Solar Power Station
  • Dairy Farming
  • Silk Industry
  • Fishery
  • Printing Press
  • Iron Industry
  • Banking Sector
  • Thermal power plant
  • Water Conservation
  • Gardening
  • Event Management
Exploratory Visit and Data Collection April
Project Discussion June
Primary Data Compilation July
Second Exploratory Visit and Data Collection August
Project Discussion and Analysis August to October
Third Visit and Data Collection December
Analysis of Data January
Final Submission of Project and Evaluation February
Project Presentation February

The purpose of Educational Tours/ Field trips is to enrich our students with knowledge which they acquire from not only within the boundaries of classroom but also from Hands-On-Experience. From time to time the school is organizing such enriching educational tours where students are learning by experimenting in real life situations.