Hobby Clubs

A School is much more than just an institute where a pupil comes to enhance his academic skills. Apart from home, it is the only place where a student spends so much time surrounded by hundreds of other students. This institute is not just a temple of knowledge, but a place where every disciple embarks on a journey of identifying one's self.
To support our students in this process we facilitate them with a plethora of clubs which includes literary club, mathematics and science club, public speaking and dramatics club etc. This diverse variety of clubs is designed to tend to the varying interests of our students.

Teacher coordinators facilitate the following clubs:-
Club Name
Art and Craft Imagination
Dance Reflection
Music Integration
Mathematics Foundation
Science Exploration
Sports Mission
Club Name
Band Orchestration
Yoga Unison
Eco Conservation
Information Technology Sensitization
Literary Emotion
Gardening Nurture Nature