Sports forms an integral part of any school’s curriculum and hence the school campus is designed to provide ample space for conducting several indoor and outdoor sports activities.

The school has specific coaches for different sports who are available during post school and school hours. Our sports experts provide special training classes in chess, cycling, table tennis, cricket, basketball, football, gymnastic, taekwondo and Yoga. Regular game periods are provided to the students of all classes and they are encouraged to practice indoor and outdoor games. Annual sports meet is also held to celebrate the spirit of sports.

The school has facilities required to groom national level players in various sports. Sports facilities at the school include indoor sports room, badminton court, basketball court, etc. that give students a unique choice of enjoying games and sports activities.

All the sports activities are conducted by trained and qualified coaches, many of whom have represented their states or country. The students are encouraged and motivated to take up sports and physical activities and are trained by the experts. A structured sports curriculum is followed that develops students' skill in a particular sport and enables him/her to perform and excel.