List of Activities

Themes for House Board Decoration and Assembly during the Session 2021-2022

April   - The seeds of today become the flowers of our future
May   - Mother (Maa) The name of God
June   - Passion a fire inside me
July   - Where daffodils don't grow
August   - A friend in need is a friend indeed
September   - Dare to Dream
October   - Colours of India
November   - An ode to our parents
December   - Great things never come out of comfort zones
January   - Change begins with us
February   - Tamsoma Jyotirgamaya
Date Teacher's Seminar/ In House Session
26/07/2021 English, Hindi, Sanskrit
02/08/2021 Science, Social Studies, Mathematics
15/08/2021 Performing Arts


Important Celebrations/ Special Assemblies

Date Celebration House/ Dept
09/04/2021 World Health Day Chenab
17/04/2021 World Heritage Day Ganga
22/04/2021 World Earth Day Narmada
24/04/2021 Mahavir Jayanti Yamuna
01/05/2021 May Day Chenab
08/05/2021 Rabindra Jayanti Ganga
10/05/2021 Mother's Day Narmada
22/06/2021 International Yoga Day Whole School
23/06/2021 Father's Day Yamuna
26/06/2021 International Day against drug Abuse and Illict Chenab
12/07/2021 Rath Yatra Ganga
15/07/2021 Welcome Class XI Class XII
24/07/2021 Guru Purnima Narmada
13/08/2021 Tulsidas Jayanti Yamuna
15/08/2021 Independence Day Whole School
21/08/2021 Raksha Bandhan Chenab
28/08/2021 Janmashtami Ganga
31/08/2021 National sports Day Narmada
05/09/2021 Teacher's Day Student's Council
08/10/2021 Durga Puja Celebration Yamuna
30/10/2021 Halloween Chenab
02/11/2021 Diwali Celebration Ganga
25/11/2021 Thanksgiving Day Narmada
03/12/2021 Feast Day Whole School
10/12/2021 Humans Rights Day Yamuna
24/12/2021 Christmas Celebration Chenab
13/01/2021 Youth Day Ganga
15/08/2021 Performing Arts Ganga
22/01/2021 Netaji's Jayanti Narmada
26/01/2021 Republic Day Yamuna
31/01/2021 Blessing Ceremony (XII) Class XI
05/02/2021 Blessing Ceremony (X) Class IX