Physical fitness is the key ingredient for a healthy lifestyle. This is why physical education is an important element. Physical education plays a key role in the development of a student’s life. This is because of the fact students who participate in physical activities are always happier and healthier than those students that spend all their time studying. It has been known physical activities help in providing more oxygen to the heart and brain and allows the body to maintain a balance between physical and mental health. ... Regular physical activities daily help in better absorption of nutrients in the body and also helps in improving cardiovascular health and developing muscular strength.

Our children start the day with morning PT at 7:00A.M. This benefits the children in the following ways-
  • Students who exercise are better able to concentrate and maintain focus, which has a positive impact on their academic life.
  • Regular exercise is vital in the fight against child obesity.
  • Students who exercise regularly have a better quality of sleep. They are therefore more alert at school and have higher levels of concentration.
  • Physical activity promotes positive body image in teenagers, especially amongst girls.
  • Children who play regular sports have improved behaviour in school.