Message from The Secretary

Education should empower a person to earn livelihood and work as a productive and responsible member of the society. Education is to know oneself, understand the inbuilt potential and believe in themselves. Our country needs pro-active leaders who are sensitive and have a deep rooted responsibility towards themselves, their family, their society and their profession.

Our education system should suffice the need of understanding the text as well as instill in the children the inquisitiveness to ask ‘Why’. We understand that if their ‘Why’ is clarified then ‘how’ can be easily achieved. It is very essential that the education which the students receive up to senior secondary level should give them a clear mind and a clear vision, ability to think and act without any ambiguity, teach them not to be dependent on others rather take the lead and be in the front.

Every child should be able to understand the cause and effect relationship of his actions and must be able to behave with responsibility and sensitivity.

As far as my experience is concerned, if all this is achieved in the process of imparting education there can be no barrier in the way of success of any child.

Shri Sanjeet Ray